About Us

Welcome to HotelDiningPlus.com for the best deals in hotels, dining and so much more!

Welcome to HotelDiningPlus.com

"A penny saved is a penny earned!" This famous quote by Benjamin Franklin has given many to think twice before spending their hard earned money.

At Hotel Dining Plus we take this very seriously and have even gone a step further.

We have been able to combine some great Dinning and Hotel deals that not only save you money but allows us to give back at the same time. 5% of the purchase price will benefit the American Cancer Society

So take advantage of any one of our great offers and start saving your "BENJAMINS" TODAY!

What is Hotel Dining Plus?

Hotel Dining Plus is an access program that searches the market place for great discounts and savings for Dining, Travel, Entertainment and more. We negotiate with some of the top brands in this area, including restaurant.com, VISA Gas Cards and major travel booking engines. This one stop shopping allows you to spend less time looking for great deals and more time to enjoy them.

How does Hotel Dining Plus work?

After making the purchase of the program you want you will receive a special code to redeem at www.redeemhere.net. The code that you receive is a dual purpose code. It will give you access to your other programs and it is also your code for The Hotel and Resort Card.
Once you enter your code you will then receive your additional electronic codes with detailed instructions on where and how to use them. For those of you who purchase our Platinum plan your VISA Gas Card will be sent to you in the mail.

What are the Program Benefits?

Dining discounts from one of the most respected restaurant discount programs, in America, Restaurant.com. Hotel and Vacation discounts from over 100,000 hotels and resorts worldwide and our featured partner Hilton Worldwide Hotel Dining Plus brings these programs and more to you at a substantial savings that you would not normally get when buying them individually.